For Healthcare Providers

Benefits to Your Physician Practice

The LLHIE Network will offer significant improvements and benefits to your practice in:

  • Efficiency from improvements in workflow processes and reductions in call backs and work arounds for your staff;
  • Effectiveness of clinical interactions from more timely delivery of orders, results, referrals, and other care team communications over the faxing environment;
  • Reliability/Assurance from the ability to track the exchange clinical information, providing a closed loop process, along with an auditable trail and metrics; and
  • Cost effectiveness by reducing the need to develop and maintain point-to-point interfaces in order to connect to hospitals in your community.

Our Products and Services for Physician Practices

Results Delivery

When your practice is connected to LLHIE Network, results will be securely delivered through the Network directly into your electronic health record system without having to build and maintain point-to-point interfaces with each hospital in your community. Your practice will be able to receive laboratory and pathology results, radiology reports, admission face sheets, and other clinical information whether or not you have an electronic health record system today. If your practice uses a paper chart or is transitioning to an electronic health record system, you will be able to automatically print results and reports from a secure PC inside the practice. Those reports and results can be stored on the PC and easily recalled, which should significantly reduce call backs to area hospitals for missing results unlike today’s faxing environment.

Electronic Orders

How much time do your clinic employees spend on the phone clarifying an ambulatory patient order, providing missing information, or re-sending a missing order? The LLHIE Network can deliver scheduled (imaging/procedures) and unscheduled (laboratory) orders, depending upon your clinic’s and the hospital’s workflows, to the ambulatory admissions desk, directly to the department, or both. Orders can be placed directly from inside your practice electronic health record system where interfaced to the LLHIE Network or from an LLHIE Network application depending upon the preference of the clinic. In either case, you will be able to electronically send a clean, easy-to-read order for hospital outpatient services.


Whether you are primary care provider or specialist, the LLHIE Network and eReferrals can help you streamline your referrals process and coordinate more efficiently with your colleagues. The LLHIE eReferrals application provides primary care and specialty practices with a closed loop capability to help your referrals coordinator better manage administrative and clinical communications.

The LLHIE eReferrals application provides a secure and convenient way for you and your staff to create, accept/decline, message and manage communications with colleagues outside of your electronic health record network. You will be able to send documents to other clinicians and receive updates from members of your patient’s care team automatically.

You will know if a consulting specialist has agreed to see your patient, what information will be needed by that specialist, what happened during the appointment, and what tests and medications were ordered.

If you are a specialist, you will know exactly why a patient is being referred to your practice and what action the referring clinician would like you to take. You will be able to require specific clinical information be included prior to accepting a referral so your staff spends less time tracking down missing or incomplete information.

Participation in LLHIE eReferrals is free,* so contact us today to learn more.

Care Transitions

Your practice can use LLHIE Care Transitions to coordinate care with other healthcare providers participating in complex narrow networks such as Clinically Integrated Networks, Accountable Care Organizations, and the Medical Home environment. Care Transitions enables care coordinators to invite other providers to be a member of Patient Care Team and provides a single coherent view of:

  • Patient activities
  • Conditions
  • Alerts
  • Other clinical information

As part of a Patient Care Team, you and your practice will see the patient data needed to manage a patient across the network in near real-time, and hospitals and multi-specialty clinics can publish the services of their different departments to the community allowing you and other providers to request services efficiently and securely.

Participation in LLHIE Care Transitions is free,*so contact us today to learn more.

Visiting Specialist Programs

Are you a specialist that participates in a Visiting Specialty Clinic in one or more rural communities in central and Southern Illinois? Do you need a more efficient, effective, and reliable way to receive outpatient results from critical access and rural hospitals?

Visiting Specialist Programs: Are you a specialist that participates in a Visiting Specialty Clinic in one or more rural communities in central and Southern Illinois? Do you need a more efficient, effective, and reliable way to receive outpatient results from critical access and rural hospitals?

LLHIE is actively working to connect rural hospitals in Lincoln, Litchfield, Pana, Pittsfield, Taylorville, and other communities. If a hospital or community where you see patients is not on this list, please contact us today and let us know so that we can reach out to the rural and critical access hospitals where you see patients.