For Healthcare Providers

Solutions for Long Term Care Providers

Long Term Care Providers face enormous challenges in coordinating care for patients transitioning between multiple healthcare and community settings. Lincoln Land HIE can assist your organization in managing your clinical information exchange needs. As a member of a Patient Care Team, your care coordinators will be able to more efficiently and effectively coordinate care with other healthcare providers working with your complex patient population. Your facility will be able to significantly reduce the paper chase and time associated with tracking down missing orders and results thereby reducing administrative and overhead costs.

LLHIE Care Transitions enables your Medical Director and authorized clinical staff to participate as a member of Patient Care Team and provides a single coherent view of:

  • Patient activities
  • Conditions
  • Alerts
  • Other clinical information

As part of a Patient Care Team, authorized providers at your facility will see the patient data needed to manage a patient transitioning to and from other settings in near real-time, and hospitals and multi-specialty clinics can publish the services of their different departments to the community allowing you and other providers to request services efficiently and securely.

Participation in LLHIE Care Transitions is available at no cost to your organization*, so contact us today to learn more.

*Internet access and firewall are required