Lincoln Land Health Information Exchange Appoints Steve Lawrence as Executive Director


Sauget, IL – Stephen Lawrence, ExecutiveVice President for Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation (SIHF), has recentlybeen appointed as Executive Director of the Lincoln Land Health InformationExchange (LLHIE). He will oversee administrative and operational functions ofLLHIE which provides secure electronic exchange of medical information betweenhealthcare providers such as hospital systems and physician practices.


LLHIE is based in Springfield. Its five voting members areBlessing Health System of Quincy, Hospital Sisters Health System, MemorialHealth System, SIU HealthCare and Springfield Clinic, all of Springfield.Prairie Cardiovascular of Springfield serves as a non-voting member of thehealth information exchange.


SIHF will provide Lawrence’s time in order to direct thefacilitation, development, and operation, and administration of the LLHIE. Lawrence feels this newrole will play an important part in improving the way patients receive theirhealthcare.


“HIEs will offer a more comprehensive management of medicalinformation between healthcare providers. These networks can significantlyimprove efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of healthcare delivery today,”Lawrencestated. “Instead of relying on the transmission of paper records about apatient’s condition – including lab results, past medical history, medications,and other test results – healthcare providers participating in the HIE will beable to electronically send and receive that information over a secure,protected network.”


The use of the HIE to securely transmit health datawill be a tremendous benefit to healthcare providers and patients. The value ofexchanging electronic communications through the LLHIE Network for patients whoare seeing multiple providers in different care settings is that it will helpimprove patient care by providing a more efficient continuity of care with agoal of lowering overall costs in the healthcare delivery system. Theavailability of information at the point-of-care improves quality, safety, andefficiency.