About Us

Governance Structure

The Lincoln Land Health Information Exchange (LLHIE) Board of Owners consists of five voting members which have made significant financial and organization commitments to the organization. The Owners are: Blessing Health System, Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS), Memorial Health System, Springfield Clinic, and SIU HealthCare. Each of these five organizations, represented by their Chief Executive Officers, has one seat and one equal vote. Prairie Cardiovascular, as part of HSHS, has a non-voting seat on the Board.

The day-to-day operations of the LLHIE are managed by a Board of Managers comprised of the Chief Information Officer/Information Technology Director from each of the five founding organizations. The Board of Managers meets monthly to oversee the development and operations of the HIE and ensure compliance with all HIE rules and regulations.


Don Chenoweth

Chief Information Officer
SIU Healthcare

LeaAnn Eickelschulte

Administrative Directive of Applications
Blessing Hospital

David Graham, MD

Chief Information Officer
Memorial Health System

Jim Hewitt

Chief Information Officer
Springfield Clinic

Bill Montgomery

Chief Information Officer
Hospital Sisters Health System